Other Projects

Tribute to “God’s Trombones”

Textile Panels A&B
50″ L x 19″ W

“Tribute to God’s Trombones,” is my interpretation of the sermon-poems compiled in 1927 during the Harlem Renaissance. “Trombones” was a genius collaboration between James Weldon Johnson, a multi-gifted writer and Aaron Douglas, who was called “the Father of African American art.” The poems: Listen Lord, A Prayer, The Creation, The Prodigal Son, Go Down Death – A Funeral Sermon, Noah Built the Ark, The Crucifixion, Let My People Go, and Judgment Day, matched the cadence of African American preaching and church services. The poems spread throughout the African American community, were memorized, then recited in schools, churches, and social gatherings.

Facing Fears

This textile art work was on display with the Ellis County “What If” Art Group from April 1 – 30, 2021
at the Ennis County Community Center. Hand and machine stitching with hand beading. 28″L X 13 1/2″ W


Sticks and Stones A

Sticks and Stones B

$750 / Set

If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Could Ride

29″ L x 25″ W

Original appliques, hand embroidery

When a much younger Sandra wished for a change requiring patience and insight she did not yet possess; this quote would roll from the tongue of her mother.


19 1/2″ L x 16 1/2″ W

First in a collection of textile floral arrangements