The Art of Sandra Scott-Revelle

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Elements Collection 2022


25.5″  X 19″


Seized by wildfire.
Infernos sweep through my soul.
Engulfed by fierce flames.

Like a tinderbox
Words from my past – parched, brittle.
Combust. Consume me.

Weak, shamed, and silenced.
I shrivel within myself.
Then, Your presence comes.

Absorbs my sorrow.
Your words sweep aside torment.
Cauterize. Mend. Heal.

Embers extinguished.
When the smoke and ash settle.
You cover me still.


25″ X 19.5″


One must bow down – low.
Treasures at your feet. Digging
beneath the surface.

Between layers, worms
glide inside moist soil. Hidden.
Preferring dark rooms.

Recoiling from light.
With no backbone to fight off
avian descents.

Seeds – building up strength
burst open to the surface.
New life. New joy. New.


25″ X 19.5″


Rains from laden skies
Satisfy our thirsty land.
Rivers, lakes – drink until full.

Spreading liquid wealth.
Hills and valleys sing. Rejoice!
Pop with fresh color.

Drink deeply people.
Refresh, revive, restoring
health from bone to skin.


25.5″ X 19″


I cannot be seen
but proclaim my presence in
a leaf’s pirouette.

My temperament sways
from ruthless, wild tornado,
to gentle breeeeezes.

Take me for granted?
I will withdraw. Unearthly
stillness falls. Breaths fail.