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Elements Collection 2022


19″ X 25.5″

I step into your flames, knowing that when I return, I will not be the same.

Burning away what is no longer needed, what bore me down and kept me defeated.

I step through, shining as the noon day sun, my Maker sees His reflection and the forging is done. 

Linda B. Correa – Writer


19″ X 25.5″

“Sacrifice allows for increase. ”

She almost sings as she delights in daily toil.

Covered in delicate amber grace,

she breathes in the warm earthen scent of sensuous soil, and the sticky heat of the day.

She is at peace as she persists: pruning and cultivating – confident of whose she is.

Cheryl Metz — Artist, Missionary


19.5″ X 25.5″

Love like an ocean, joy like a flood, peace like a river – more than enough.

Faithfully flowing, gentle as a stream – kindness and mercy as vast as the sea. 

Spirit like the water, drowning every fear – the love of God the Father is drawing us near.

So come to the fountain, come far and wide. All who are weary drink of the water of life. 

Nothing is wasted, all is made right. Find restoration – Jesus the water of life. 

He is the water of life.

Lyrics courtesy of Ryan McAdoo 2020 [@ryanpmcadoo] Singer/Songwriter


 19.5″ x 25″

The air in my hair

makes my dress dance like lyrics

to a summer song

Ann Faulkner – Retired teacher, friend